The world’s simplest and most user friendly Hotel Management Solution automates your everyday Tasks so you can spend more Time with your Guests
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1. Simple
1. Simple
Designed together with Hoteliers to transform hotel management into a simple, useful and enjoyable experience.
2. Socially Aware
2. Socially Aware
87% of people under 34 said they used
Facebook for travel inspiration and more
than half also use Twitter, Pinterest and
other platforms to get ideas.
The rest of the Best
3. Quick
3. QuickBook a guest in under 10 seconds
4. Best User Experience
4. Trusted by fellow Hotel ManagersTested and proven among Hotel Managers like yourself.
5. Affordable & transparent pricing model
5. Affordable & transparent pricing modelPay-as-you-go with no hidden costs and no set-up fees.
6. Easy Reporting System
6. Easy Reporting SystemAnalytics that matter and help you make better decisions, now!
7. Web presence
7. Web presenceSet-up your own Hotel Website with Booking Engine in 1 minute
8. Powerful CRM
8. Powerful CRMNo need to remember everything about your Guests - does that for you.
Customer Service
phone: +1 415 361 9030
2005 Sierra Rd, Apt #C,
94518 Concord, US
phone:+386 40 58 74 74
Šmartinska 152, BTC Hala 2,
1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia, EU
$4 per room per month (minimum $40 per month)
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